Obtenga AnyDesk para Android

AnyDesk es el software de control remoto por ordenador más rápido del mundo. Acceso remoto y mantenimiento directamente desde su smartphone o tablet.

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Version 4.0 11 de Abril de 2018

Group 5

Session recording and replay.

Session recording and replay.

Group 5

Picture in picture mode

Picture in picture mode on Android 8.0 and later.

Group 5

Android wallpaper thumbnails

Using Android wallpaper for speed dial items.

Improved video mode selection

Fixes black screen on some devices.

And more:

  • Fixed security settings

  • Improved speed

  • Fixed dialogs

  • Fixed clipboard synchronization

  • Improved stability

Version 3.2.1 14 de Febrero de 2018

Group 5

New Features

Added touchpad input mode.

Bug Fixes

Fixed triple click input.

Bug Fixes

Fixed cursor rendering near borders.

Bug Fixes

Fixed soft keyboard input on some devices (Due to a software bug in the Samsung keyboard, installing a non-Samsung keyboard might be necessary on some devices).